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Welcome to this space where we’ll be writing posts related to our products and other content that we’d like to share with everyone! This is the first blog post and hopefully many more to come. Today we are diving deep into suncatchers but first, let us take this opportunity to introduce briefly who and what we are all about!

We are 3 friends who bonded over the vision of creating things that makes us happy, specifically pouring our ideas through suncatchers. As much as the process of creating gave us an incredulous amount of joy, we started thecozycabin as an avenue to spread this love to you guys! Thecozycabin, as the name suggests, is a home for us where we feel comforted and therefore would like to bring that comfort to you through amping up your homes with our products. 

Suncatchers are reflective ornaments that capture sunlight and disperses it into colourful rainbow flecks into your space. These suncatchers are personally designed and handmade by the team. We are constantly coming up with themes and design ideas to grow a wider selection of suncatchers for you! Our suncatchers are made of hand-cut crystal glass prisms, crystal beads, stainless steel chains and metal findings.

All our pieces end with a 10cm extension chain and lobster clasp for you to adjust the length of the suncatcher to fit the space that you’d be displaying them. Alternatively, you could also use ‘S’ hooks, additional twines or strings to hang the suncatchers at the perfect spot to catch the sunlight shining into your room. 

For the best results, we recommend displaying suncatchers near windows under direct sunlight. Move your suncatchers around to find the best spot where the light hits. The living room, balcony windows (you could hang them with hanging plants!) and bedrooms are the most common places to hang them, specifically on window grills or curtain rods. We offer both coloured and clear crystal suncatchers, so take your pick on suncatchers that suit the interior of your space best!

Once you find the perfect spot to display the suncatchers, wait for the morning sun and golden hour and that’s when you’d get the most sparkles lighting up your space! But not to worry, on gloomier days, our suncatchers still give an aesthetically pleasing touch to your rooms. You can display it at your desk, at your bookshelves, pairing them with picture frames or other decorative items in your room.

To care for your suncatchers, we strongly suggest keeping them away from water, especially rainwater when hanging them near windows and gently wipe the crystals with a dry cloth to get rid of dust and fingerprints. Most importantly, take extra caution when hanging the suncatchers in higher areas!

And there you have it! If you’d like us to post about more ideas on displaying suncatchers or if you’d like to suggest design ideas, feel free to send us a message on Instagram @thecozycabin.co! We would be more than happy to have a conversation with you. Do also send us pictures of your suncatchers displayed in your rooms because we’d love to see them! 

Until the next post, stay safe and happy suncatching!



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